4 Week Athlete Meal Plan (Full Evaluation)

4 Week Athlete Meal Plan (Full Evaluation)


The 4 Week Athlete Meal Plans are for athletes who want a full evaluation of their eating habits to increase performance, lower body fat percentage, and reduce risk for injury. I will give you tips on what you need to eat before, during, and after training to maximize performance. I will evaluate your current eating pattern and create a meal plan with your calories needs to either lose weight, manage weight, or increase muscle tone. All meal options are based on your preferences and can be adjusted based on your level of activity each day.


  • Meal Plan based on your calorie needs to lose, maintain, or gain muscle

  • Tips on how to increase performance with food

  • Nutrient Analysis (Macro % and %Micro)

  • Detailed Grocery List

  • Recipes

Once you purchase a meal plan, you will receive a meal plan questionnaire to fill out

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