What Causes Fluctuations in Body Weight

Did you know..... you would have to consume 3500 extra calories to gain one pound of weight. After a fun weekend out,  many people hop on the scale to see if they have gained any extra pounds. However, it is highly unlikely to gain 1-2 pounds in a few days of time.  So what causes the sudden fluctuation in weight? 

The fluctuation in weight is due to water weight or bloating in other words. To understand bloating, you need to understand what contributes to water weight.  Here are six causes of bloating. 

#1: Dehydration

When you're out under the sun for long, your body gets dehydrated and starts to search for water. Therefore, you start to feel constipated, and you start to bloat. To avoid dehydration, drink water regularly and monitor urine color. 

#2: Overeating 

Overeating is one of the main causes of bloating. If you munch everything in one sitting, your stomach will not only feel tight, but it will trap gases leading to sharp pain and aggravated burps. You want to make sure that you don't eat your heart out and only eat when you're hungry.

Just as overeating can cause trouble to your belly, similarly the speed at which you consume food equally counts as well. It not only causes indigestion but creates gas in the intestines as you swallow the air. If you're starving, make sure you take small bites of food, chew it thoroughly and swallow it.

#3: Sugar and Processed Carbs

Having an increased amount of food rich in processed carbohydrates may not be a good idea if you are looking to avoid water weight.  For every 1 gram of carbs stored in the body, there is 2-3 grams of water retained.

This is why people on low-carb diets lose a large amount of weight in the beginning of their diet. However, this weight loss is only temporary and once they consume a meal rich in carbs, their water weight will most likely return.

Eating balanced meals will keep your carbohydrate levels normal and prevent water retention.

#4: Alcohol and Soft Drink Consumption

Carbonated drinks and alcohol causes water retention which in turn leads to bloating. The reason is obvious - it contains high amounts of sugar which holds the water. So when you consume soft drinks, gas begins to kick in resulting in irritable bowel movement.

Alcohol causes water retention due to dehydration. People who drink alcohol urinate more frequently causing a decrease of water in your body. 

Cut off soft drinks and alcohol and incorporate green tea to your diet as it contains anti-oxidants and helps you lose weight.

#5: Sodium 

Sodium is a major electrolyte that controls fluid balance. If sodium levels are too low or too high, it will cause imbalances and cause fluid retention.  High intakes of salt through processed foods with a small amount of water consumption may increase water intention.

Lower your processed food consumption and drink more water with sodium consumption to lower water retention.

#6: Stress

Stress doesn't only affect your mind, it also affects your stomach causing problems like indigestion, and constipation. It also contributes to bloating because when you're stressed, your appetite shrinks thus producing gas into your stomach. Eliminate stress from your life, and you'll see the difference.

Now that you’re aware of the causes that lead to bloating, you should keep a check on your diet and incorporate the right type of foods and say goodbye to water weight!

 Customized meal plans are a great way to get a hold on your diet and keep the bloating away!


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